Family Law


propertyProperty settlements between separating spouses and defacto couples form the main part of the family law work we do at Butcher Paull & Calder. Many of the property settlements are complex as they involve companies, trusts and businesses. As we have a strong commercial department the family law division always has suitable experts on hand for advice.

Consent Orders and Financial Agreements

The most common ways of finalising financial arrangements between couples are Consent Orders and Financial Agreements. These can be done quickly and easily if both parties agree and provide all necessary information to complete the required documents.

Spousal Maintenance

Maintenance applications are often made in family law cases where one spouse has the financial capacity to pay and the other has either a permanent or temporary need for support. Spousal maintenance is always considered by our staff when taking instructions.


Parenting arrangements can be complex and emotional. The same applies to disagreements about child support and school fees. We have extensive experience in dealing with these issues in a practical and common sense way.