Tom Hall

Tom Hall started in the law at the Central Law Courts and as the Magistrates’ associate which involved him being in court on a daily basis supervising proceedings and assisting the Magistrates.

Tom’s experience in Court encouraged him to take up the study of law. He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University.

Tom developed a preference for technical work which motivated him to begin working in commercial law, Wills and estates.

Since about 2002 Tom has practised in commercial law, including property, revenue law (duties, payroll tax, capital gains tax, income tax and GST), superannuation, trusts, corporations and partnerships. He also provides advice in respect to employment law, Wills and estate planning.

Tom has expertise and a deep knowledge of revenue law. Tom has conducted numerous successful objections to the Office of State Revenue relating to stamp duty/duties assessments. He has also successfully made applications to the Australian Taxation Office to review and remit penalty taxes.

He has also advised clients on international tax problems and superannuation structures. Tom drafts self managed superannuation fund deeds as well as other commercial documents.

Tom has written a number of opinions on tax and revenue matters pertaining to problems that often arise in family businesses and superannuation legislation.

Tom is also a member of the National Tax and Accountants Association Ltd.