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Butcher Paull & Calder deals with all types of property sales, leasing and securities. If you have just sold or bought a property in Western Australia and you require a property lawyer to handle the settlement, contact us today. We have extensive knowledge of property law and our conveyancing lawyers are well versed in all aspects.

In addition, if you require any legal advice about a developing property either yourself or in a joint venture or under a partition agreement, we can offer you extensive experience having regard to tax, transfer duty and asset protection. Contact us.


The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) allows lenders and businesses to register their security interests. An online noticeboard allows you to register an announcement to publicise the fact that you have rights over someone’s personal property. This helps to secure a debt or obligation owed to you.

Conveyancing lawyer

Our property solicitors have many years experience in handling all types of real estate deals, and will happily assist you with advice or property ligation services.

Commercial litigation

At Butcher Paull & Calder, we always try to settle any property disputes outside of court. We believe in mediation and negotiation first, and as a last resort, litigation. However, should you require commercial litigation services, we have seasoned solicitors in our office, with the skills, knowledge and experience to litigate on a range of property issues.

Property and leasing

If you need help drawing up a contract for leasing or renting a commercial or industrial property, talk to our specialists. Long leases on large properties can be complex, and you want to ensure that your rights and interests are protected; this is where our real estate lawyers come in. Their knowledge and experience will ensure that the contract is fair to both sides, and we will ensure that you understand all your obligations.

Buying a property for your children

Share sale agreements

Did you know that there are specific provisions in both the Tax Act and under the Duties Act, which will help you?

If you are buying shares in a business or selling yours to a new investor, you require a legally binding Share Sale Agreement. This agreement clearly states the condition of the sale and any laws or rights pertaining to any property mentioned in the deal.

Our conveyancing lawyers have an intimate knowledge on how to access these and protect your interests in the event of marriage disputes or creditors’ claims.

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