Specialist family lawyers to assist with your property, consent orders, spousal maintenance, financial and parenting agreements

When dealing with family law issues, you require legally capable and sympathetic lawyers. Legal family matters are often an emotionally charged process that requires understanding, compassion and a high level of family law knowledge and experience.

Butcher Paull & Calder has a team of specialist family law lawyers with the emotional intelligence and legal capability to handle the most complex of family disputes. Contact us to book an appointment.

Experience & expertise

Our team consists of specialist lawyers with extensive expertise and experience in the field of family law. With our company dating back to 1980, we have dealt with thousands of legal issues, and pride ourselves on providing practical and affordable legal solutions, that often resolve issues before they escalate into expensive court cases.

Family law services

  • Property

We sort out property settlements between separating spouses and de facto couples; these property disputes form the main part of the family law work we do at Butcher Paull & Calder. Many settlements and disputes can become complex as they involve companies, trusts and businesses. By combining our strong commercial department with our specialist family law division, we are often able to settle these cases quickly and efficiently.

  • Consent orders and financial agreements

The most common ways of finalising financial arrangements between couples are consent orders and financial agreements. These can be done quickly and easily if both parties agree and provide all necessary information to complete the required documents.

At BPC, we always try complete consent orders and financial agreements in as timely and affordable a way as possible. We strive to seek solutions that all parties can agree on, preventing prolonged disputes or court cases.

  • Spousal maintenance

Maintenance applications are often made in family law cases where one spouse has the financial capacity to pay and the other has either a permanent or temporary need for support. We always seek spousal maintenance agreements that are fair to both sides.

  • Divorce lawyer

Divorce is never easy. Our team of lawyers use all their experience and patience to ensure that you as our client get what you need without having to spend loads of money or hours in court. We seek solutions that work for the entire family and try make the process as pain-free as possible.

  • Children

Parenting arrangements can be complex and emotional, and require a special degree of compassion and thoughtfulness on the lawyer’s side. Dealing with issues concerning children, especially after a divorce, can be very painful for both sides, which is why we strive to make the process as fair as possible to all parties. The same applies to disagreements about child support and school fees. We have extensive experience in dealing with these issues in a practical way.

  • Setting up a family trust or child maintenance trust

Many Australian parents set up a family trust or child maintenance trust to ensure their children’s financial future. We have done this for many clients, and will set up one to suit you and your family’s needs. We will make sure you understand the process and implications clearly, and that you achieve an outcome that suits your requirements.

Contact one of Perth’s leading teams of Family Law Lawyers to book an appointment.

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