We specialise in testamentary trusts, Wills, Probates, enduring powers of attorney and enduring powers of guardianship

Butcher Paull & Calder employs a team of Wills and Probate lawyers with extensive knowledge with respect to protecting the rights of our clients and their beneficiaries. If you need legal assistance to draw up a Will or require a Probate grant, contact us today.

With more than 30 years’ industry experience, we are well versed in compiling Wills and Probates, and will do everything in our legal power to ensure that you and your beneficiaries get what you want. With us, you can rest easy that once you are gone, your last wishes will be taken care of, as will your loved ones that you leave behind.


A Probate is the process of wrapping up a deceased’s Will, and ensuring that his/her estate is distributed according to his/her wishes. If the estate is relatively simple, the executors may not need to apply for a Probate, but in the more complex situations, Probate will be necessary.

If a person passes away leaving an estate but no Will, you can apply for Letters of Administration.

We are experienced in obtaining Grants of Probate, Letters of Administration and finalising deceased estates.

Wills & Testamentary Trusts

Wills are often not the simple documents they once were due to considerations such as superannuation, tax, overseas assets, and property held in trusts and companies. Whether simple or complex, drafting Wills requires experience, and knowledge of your unique circumstances.

Estate disputes

When a person dies, a Will can be challenged on the basis that it is invalid or that it does not adequately provide for a beneficiary.

Disputes regarding entitlements to a deceased estate are common. We have dealt with many such disputes, and our experience is that most claims regarding deceased estates settle at mediation, with only a few proceeding to trial. We have experience in both mediation and settlement of disputes as well as taking such disputes to trial, and on appeal when need be.

Succession Planning

Business succession planning and estate planning plays a big role in our Business Law Department.

Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG)

An Enduring Power of Guardianship is when you appoint someone to handle your personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions on your behalf, should you ever become incapable of making these decisions yourself.

Enduring Power of Attorney

This is a legal agreement whereby you appoint someone to make property or financial decisions on your behalf, should you ever become incapable of doing so. This is related to mostly business and financial decisions, unlike the Enduring Power of Guardianship above which is more personal in nature.

If you’re looking to draw up a Will, need a Probate lawyer or any other related legal agreement, contact the specialists at BPC.